Krypteia 1

June in general
triumphant homecoming

Once the legendary sword Serithtial was secured from the harrowing depths of Scarwall, the adventurers made the long trek across the Belkzen, across the Cinderlands, through Kaer Maga, and downriver to the sea and Korvosa. The city was under martial law. The streets were quiet and passersby creeped rather than strolled. A heavy hand of oppression was evident everywhere. Historic monuments were being disassembled to provide materials for Ileosa’s new self-aggrandizing monuments to herself. The adventurers were recruited at the gates for enforcing the hard labor crews disassembling one of these historic monuments. They quickly met up with the former guard captain Cressida Kroft in the crypts beneath the Cathedral of Pharasma, where Neolandus, Vencarlo and the other rebels have eluded Ileosa’s grasp. There was a joyful reunion of allies. Cressida gave the adventurers a list of tasks required to firm up the foundation of a successful rebellion. The adventurers later met a patrol of grey maidens in the streets, confronted them and killed them. Shortly after, the new captain of the grey maiden city guard, Sabina Merrin, flew onto the scene on a black dragon. The adventurers fought with Sabina and the dragon. When the dragon was near death, Sabina revealed her true intent to bring about the dragon’s death and escape Ileosa’s clutches. She makes the killing stroke against the dragon, then quickly takes the adventurers to a safehouse, where she explains the threats that the adventurers face in Castle Korvosa.

The adventurers use flying and invisibility to get to a balcony high up in Castle Korvosa’s battlements. Once inside, they discover a ghostly presence in a room, and evidence of a trap door that had been sealed in stone. They smash the stone to access the secret space, but are intercepted by a patrol of devilish maidens and a mighty devil.

Feb - Mar 2011

Did someone say “Dragon”?
Monday, March 11th, 2011

Malitroth, with intentions aligned with the companions for the time being, led the group from the skeletal minotaur room into the castle courtyard. Sunny was interested in the well in the centre and immediately investigated. The well turned out to be more of a pit, with two bodies, reduced to bones, at the bottom. Malitroth advised that the first of our challenges was resident in the stables, next to the tower to the right. We ventured into the stables and were met with unworldly darkness. Unable to see very far, a slithering sound pulled our attention to the corner. A voice accosted us, accompanied by two red eyes. The voice belonged to Belshalam, a black shadowy umbral dragon. The conversation was short-lived and battle ensued. An intense 2 round battle left Mo viscously injured, and the dragon dead. Malitroth, incited by the battle, quickly moved in to trap the soul of the dragon. Clearly enamoured by the soul just captured, the companions decided to turn on Malitroth before she became too powerful. Malitroth ended up having the drop on the group, and turned invisible to flee. Sunny, hasted, un-shuttered the lantern of revealing, and ran after the fleeing nag. Able to chase Malitroth to a corner, Mo and Shaquela were able to manoeuvre into position. The hag attempted to run again, however Mo was successful with a trip and brought her to the ground. Malitroth attempted a last ditch effort to cast deep slumber, but came up unsuccessful. Shaq and Mo finished the deal. A search of the body revealed a massive soul-stone around the nag’s neck, as well as several sealed bottles housing humanoid faced-wormlings. Sunny confirmed that the bottles contained souls and smashed them, releasing the souls to the outer planes. The other companions could tell that this event had a lasting impact on Sunny’s demeanour. The companions searched the surrounding area and located Belshalam’s treasure trove in the stablemaster’s quarters. Bountiful indeed (check the loot). After stocking up, the group continues to search the stable. The back rooms offered little besides desiccated furniture, however the stairs to the loft featured a large, fire-toting wolf. A tactical disaster left the group running up the stairs to battle the wolf who unleashed a fearsome breath weapon. Shaq and Mo made quick work of the wolf at the top of the stairs, however a second wolf, from the adjoining room, torched the area, leaving Shaquela unconscious and near death. Sunny and Mo quickly came to the rescue, however Shaquela had passed on to the next realm. Zolara’s spirit infused the still-warm body, and Shaq gasped, stabilized but still near death. The group retreated to the stablemaster’s quarters to rest and recuperate.

Just can’t trust anybody these days…
Monday, February 21st, 2011

The group spends a frightful night recouping from the battles of the day before. Re-invigorated, they explore the rest of the floor. The first room opens to a balcony. Shakeela is impelled to drop her sword over the side. Sunny imbibes another fly potion and carries Mo to the roof-top to retrieve Shakeela’s sword. A strange feeling falls over everyone. The companions watch the bell-tower, wary of any further winged threats. Sunny and Mo elevate back to the balcony and everyone makes their back inside. The remaining rooms on the top level are explored. The last room appears inhabited, nets cast on the wall, a veritable cornucopia of items caught in their webbing. Suddenly, a hag announces her presence, and the group engages her in conversation. She, Malitroth, is a caster of souls, and despite her evil intent, the companions find her of use as she is willing to lead the group through the maze of Scarwall in exchange for the souls of the vanquished. The first target, a powerful foe, is making his home in the stables. The group is led back downstairs. Malitroth advises that they must travel through a room full of skeletal minions. The group complies and makes quick work of their foes.

Scythe for a hand
Monday, February 14th, 2011

The companions continued cautiously up the stairs. A long corridor stretched before them. They chose the nearest door and opened it. Two large minotaurs greeted them, a gong between. The group charged into the room to engage the creatures in melee combat. The minotaurs were disposed of, however, the gong was sounded before the finishing blow. The companions readied themselves. Nothing happened. Shakeela smashed the gong again. Nothing happened. Sunny turned invisible so that the tiny stream of pee trickling down his leg would not be seen. Emboldened, the rest of the group continued through the only other door in the small room to find themselves back outdoors, on a bridge leading to a tower. They crossed the expanse to find the door locked. Sunny pushed past, imbuing a fly potion and elevated to a window 30 feet above, continuing into the castle. A scene of torturous delete becomes clear to him, chains dangling from rafters, the roof open to the outside. Just then, wing flaps were heard, and several gargoyles attacked the exposed group. Mo and Perry defend the bridge, while Shakeela tried the door. Sunny, inside the tower, recognized their plight and opened the door from the inside. A scantily clad female dropped from above, ensconced in chains, attacked Shakeela and Sunny. Mo and Perry get the better of their foes on the bridge and make for the tower room. Full out battle ensues, as the dominatrix makes the most of her advantageous position and full control of the dangling chains. Suddenly, sorcery crackles in the room from an unseen foe. The chains are tamed, the dominatrix falls in battle, and the companions are able to finally locate the invisible foe. Perry falls in battle, and Mo is greviously injured. In a fight for their life, Sunny, Mo and Shakeela are able to defeat the invisible demon monstrosity. Perry is revived, and the group takes in the full view of the tower. Torture equipment and various S&M tools abide in the room. As wells as serious loot. This was obviously the abode of a serious foe. The companions make their way back to a safe room where they can recuperate.

night 7 - can't remember when exactly
greased and swarmed

the part was camped out. A derro came upon them shortly before they were about to break camp. This derro had substantial magic powers, but was quickly knocked down and beat senseless. The adventurers found his spellbook, along with his magical wand and cloak, plus plenty of poisoned crossbow bolts. The party found 2 more scrolls in the library, and they left a pile of slightly valuable books behind. They found a warren of secret tunnels connecting the areas of the crypt. They loaded Gaekhan’s dismembered body into a wheelbarrow and headed back to the Cressida Kroft at the Citadel. An orderly there took the body and told the party that Kroft requested that they attend the trial and execution of Trinia Sabor, alleged regicide. At the castle, they found Korvosa’s elite anticipating the upcoming moment of execution. The queen addressed the crowd. Trinia was brought out and nearly felt the headsman’s axe but was rescued Robin-Hood/Zorro/Wesley-Snipes-style by a cowled man identified as Blackjack by a crowd member. Blackjack addressed the crowd about Korvosa’s honor and regression. With a message spell, Reason saved Blackjack from a split skull. As Blackjack carried Trinia over the wall, with a raised fist he gave a signal to the adventurers of his gratitude and affinity.

night 6 - around Christmas
pretty gross place

The adventurers fought a carrion golem that was nasty in many senses of the word. From it they got Gaekhan’s arm. They found a flesh golem in development, from which they removed Gaekhan’s head. They rescued prisoners guarded by Cabbagehead, a disfigured ogre-y fellow. One of the prisoners was Tiora, a rogue. The others weren’t much to talk to. The party camped out.

night 5 - mid-December
blue dwarf

The adventurers found the last known location of the body of Gaekhan, the grandson of the Shoanti ambassador. The tracks led to an underground crypt, presumably the lair of the necromancer Rolth. The adventurers hacked through skeletons and derro, a giant flea creature, stirges, and a skeletal snake. Bodies and parts of bodies were in abundance—several were marked with Shoanti tattoos, suggesting they belonged to Gaekhan, but the head, torso and arm were still missing.

night 4 - Dec 6 or so
griffon riderz

The party set out to apprehend the alleged murderer of the king, Trinia. They chased her across the rooftops, tied her up and carried her through mayhem in the streets. They were picked up by Sable Company griffon riders and brought to the queen’s guard. Reason took Trinia’s belongings from the dungeon, and spoke to her without being observed by the guard. Trinia despaired but professed innocence.

The party camped out at the citadel, HQ of the city watch. With watch captain Cressida Kroft, they met a diplomat from the Shoanti nation. His grandson had been killed in racial violence in the riots. The body was stolen, and the diplomat demands the body be returned for proper burial. The city faces the threat of further violence in all-out race riots. The body was known to be sold to a necromancer who works beneath the city boneyard in the Dead Warrens.

600 xp per character Mike, James, David, Matt

night 3 - nov 29

A drunk in the street wearing a stained and ruined guard’s uniform mistakes one of the characters for an acquaintance. The party walks on. At the castle they meet Sabina, captain of the queen’s guard. Then they meet queen Ileosa and return her brooch. She’s beautiful and nice. She recruits the party to defend the city against the arising chaos in its midst.

The party is escorted to the citadel where they meet Cressida Kroft, captain of the citadel guard. She’s responsible for maintaining order in the city. She send the party to gather information about a diplomat from Cheliax who intends to create conflict and undermine Korvosa through its relationship with neighbouring Cheliax. The information was supplied by Vencarlo, whom the party met. Vencarlo Orisini is a teacher of swordplay, a friend and patriot of Korvosa. He is friendly and inquisitive and approves of the party’s contribution to restoring peace in the city. The information sought by the party is purportedly held by Vargo, proprieter of the rowdy haunt known as Eel’s End.

The party finds Vargo in the harbour on the ship-club Eel’s End. He is initially lukewarm, but with bribes and a few victories for the party in a brawling game called ‘knivesies’, he supplies the incriminating information about the diplomat’s illicit love affair. Vargo stole it and used it for blackmail when the diplomat failed to show the proper deference.

800 XP for each character

night 2 - Nov 22
alligator pit / a head in a box

Gaedran Lamm, despicable wretch, was found in his lair beneath the fishery. Quickly dispatched, but not so easy was the pet alligator. There was a major pile of swag. One of the items turned out to be a stolen brooch belonging to the queen of Korvosa. The fortune teller Zellara’s head was found here in a box, several weeks decomposed. You had seen her alive in flesh and blood the previous day. Beneath her head in the box was a highly decorative deck of Harrow cards in an ornate wooden box. Zellara’s spirit was fused into the cards. She could speak and appear to the party through the cards, and identify items of magic.

Upon leaving the fishery, the party saw the city erupted in turmoil. Citizens were shouting about the sudden death of the king, and their support or resistance regarding the queen’s authority. The party rescued a young nobleman about to be beaten by labourers. Zellara’s home was much different than the previous day, appearing to be uninhabited for weeks—all furnishings removed or in pieces.

You were informed by the young nobleman and the goods dealer that the queen would gladly grant an audience to have her brooch returned. There was a significant reward.

800 XP for each character

night 1 - Nov 16, 2009

We started out with a plea from Zellara the fortune teller to confront the despicable scoundrel Gaedren Lamm. Lamm had killed Zellara’s son. All of the characters had past contact with Lamm, and there’s no surprise that he had done some wrong to them all.

Zellara pointed out the old fishery where Gaedran had been holed up. The characters showed up there at dusk, hammered on the door til it was answered, and demanded Lamm. A fight ensued, with a number of children workers drawn into the fight by the fishery bosses. The fishery workers fled or were taken out.

The characters explored a derelict barge, and the night concluded with them falling into a spiders’ nest below deck.

450 XP for each PC

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