Krypteia 1

night 7 - can't remember when exactly

greased and swarmed

the part was camped out. A derro came upon them shortly before they were about to break camp. This derro had substantial magic powers, but was quickly knocked down and beat senseless. The adventurers found his spellbook, along with his magical wand and cloak, plus plenty of poisoned crossbow bolts. The party found 2 more scrolls in the library, and they left a pile of slightly valuable books behind. They found a warren of secret tunnels connecting the areas of the crypt. They loaded Gaekhan’s dismembered body into a wheelbarrow and headed back to the Cressida Kroft at the Citadel. An orderly there took the body and told the party that Kroft requested that they attend the trial and execution of Trinia Sabor, alleged regicide. At the castle, they found Korvosa’s elite anticipating the upcoming moment of execution. The queen addressed the crowd. Trinia was brought out and nearly felt the headsman’s axe but was rescued Robin-Hood/Zorro/Wesley-Snipes-style by a cowled man identified as Blackjack by a crowd member. Blackjack addressed the crowd about Korvosa’s honor and regression. With a message spell, Reason saved Blackjack from a split skull. As Blackjack carried Trinia over the wall, with a raised fist he gave a signal to the adventurers of his gratitude and affinity.


Thanks to Matt for the colourfully documented summary

benfairster benfairster

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