Krypteia 1

night 4 - Dec 6 or so

griffon riderz

The party set out to apprehend the alleged murderer of the king, Trinia. They chased her across the rooftops, tied her up and carried her through mayhem in the streets. They were picked up by Sable Company griffon riders and brought to the queen’s guard. Reason took Trinia’s belongings from the dungeon, and spoke to her without being observed by the guard. Trinia despaired but professed innocence.

The party camped out at the citadel, HQ of the city watch. With watch captain Cressida Kroft, they met a diplomat from the Shoanti nation. His grandson had been killed in racial violence in the riots. The body was stolen, and the diplomat demands the body be returned for proper burial. The city faces the threat of further violence in all-out race riots. The body was known to be sold to a necromancer who works beneath the city boneyard in the Dead Warrens.

600 xp per character Mike, James, David, Matt


benfairster benfairster

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