Krypteia 1

night 3 - nov 29


A drunk in the street wearing a stained and ruined guard’s uniform mistakes one of the characters for an acquaintance. The party walks on. At the castle they meet Sabina, captain of the queen’s guard. Then they meet queen Ileosa and return her brooch. She’s beautiful and nice. She recruits the party to defend the city against the arising chaos in its midst.

The party is escorted to the citadel where they meet Cressida Kroft, captain of the citadel guard. She’s responsible for maintaining order in the city. She send the party to gather information about a diplomat from Cheliax who intends to create conflict and undermine Korvosa through its relationship with neighbouring Cheliax. The information was supplied by Vencarlo, whom the party met. Vencarlo Orisini is a teacher of swordplay, a friend and patriot of Korvosa. He is friendly and inquisitive and approves of the party’s contribution to restoring peace in the city. The information sought by the party is purportedly held by Vargo, proprieter of the rowdy haunt known as Eel’s End.

The party finds Vargo in the harbour on the ship-club Eel’s End. He is initially lukewarm, but with bribes and a few victories for the party in a brawling game called ‘knivesies’, he supplies the incriminating information about the diplomat’s illicit love affair. Vargo stole it and used it for blackmail when the diplomat failed to show the proper deference.

800 XP for each character


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