Krypteia 1

night 2 - Nov 22

alligator pit / a head in a box

Gaedran Lamm, despicable wretch, was found in his lair beneath the fishery. Quickly dispatched, but not so easy was the pet alligator. There was a major pile of swag. One of the items turned out to be a stolen brooch belonging to the queen of Korvosa. The fortune teller Zellara’s head was found here in a box, several weeks decomposed. You had seen her alive in flesh and blood the previous day. Beneath her head in the box was a highly decorative deck of Harrow cards in an ornate wooden box. Zellara’s spirit was fused into the cards. She could speak and appear to the party through the cards, and identify items of magic.

Upon leaving the fishery, the party saw the city erupted in turmoil. Citizens were shouting about the sudden death of the king, and their support or resistance regarding the queen’s authority. The party rescued a young nobleman about to be beaten by labourers. Zellara’s home was much different than the previous day, appearing to be uninhabited for weeks—all furnishings removed or in pieces.

You were informed by the young nobleman and the goods dealer that the queen would gladly grant an audience to have her brooch returned. There was a significant reward.

800 XP for each character


800 XP for each character.

night 2 - Nov 22
benfairster benfairster

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