Krypteia 1

night 1 - Nov 16, 2009


We started out with a plea from Zellara the fortune teller to confront the despicable scoundrel Gaedren Lamm. Lamm had killed Zellara’s son. All of the characters had past contact with Lamm, and there’s no surprise that he had done some wrong to them all.

Zellara pointed out the old fishery where Gaedran had been holed up. The characters showed up there at dusk, hammered on the door til it was answered, and demanded Lamm. A fight ensued, with a number of children workers drawn into the fight by the fishery bosses. The fishery workers fled or were taken out.

The characters explored a derelict barge, and the night concluded with them falling into a spiders’ nest below deck.

450 XP for each PC


benfairster benfairster

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