Krypteia 1

June in general

triumphant homecoming

Once the legendary sword Serithtial was secured from the harrowing depths of Scarwall, the adventurers made the long trek across the Belkzen, across the Cinderlands, through Kaer Maga, and downriver to the sea and Korvosa. The city was under martial law. The streets were quiet and passersby creeped rather than strolled. A heavy hand of oppression was evident everywhere. Historic monuments were being disassembled to provide materials for Ileosa’s new self-aggrandizing monuments to herself. The adventurers were recruited at the gates for enforcing the hard labor crews disassembling one of these historic monuments. They quickly met up with the former guard captain Cressida Kroft in the crypts beneath the Cathedral of Pharasma, where Neolandus, Vencarlo and the other rebels have eluded Ileosa’s grasp. There was a joyful reunion of allies. Cressida gave the adventurers a list of tasks required to firm up the foundation of a successful rebellion. The adventurers later met a patrol of grey maidens in the streets, confronted them and killed them. Shortly after, the new captain of the grey maiden city guard, Sabina Merrin, flew onto the scene on a black dragon. The adventurers fought with Sabina and the dragon. When the dragon was near death, Sabina revealed her true intent to bring about the dragon’s death and escape Ileosa’s clutches. She makes the killing stroke against the dragon, then quickly takes the adventurers to a safehouse, where she explains the threats that the adventurers face in Castle Korvosa.

The adventurers use flying and invisibility to get to a balcony high up in Castle Korvosa’s battlements. Once inside, they discover a ghostly presence in a room, and evidence of a trap door that had been sealed in stone. They smash the stone to access the secret space, but are intercepted by a patrol of devilish maidens and a mighty devil.


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