Krypteia 1

Feb - Mar 2011

Did someone say “Dragon”?
Monday, March 11th, 2011

Malitroth, with intentions aligned with the companions for the time being, led the group from the skeletal minotaur room into the castle courtyard. Sunny was interested in the well in the centre and immediately investigated. The well turned out to be more of a pit, with two bodies, reduced to bones, at the bottom. Malitroth advised that the first of our challenges was resident in the stables, next to the tower to the right. We ventured into the stables and were met with unworldly darkness. Unable to see very far, a slithering sound pulled our attention to the corner. A voice accosted us, accompanied by two red eyes. The voice belonged to Belshalam, a black shadowy umbral dragon. The conversation was short-lived and battle ensued. An intense 2 round battle left Mo viscously injured, and the dragon dead. Malitroth, incited by the battle, quickly moved in to trap the soul of the dragon. Clearly enamoured by the soul just captured, the companions decided to turn on Malitroth before she became too powerful. Malitroth ended up having the drop on the group, and turned invisible to flee. Sunny, hasted, un-shuttered the lantern of revealing, and ran after the fleeing nag. Able to chase Malitroth to a corner, Mo and Shaquela were able to manoeuvre into position. The hag attempted to run again, however Mo was successful with a trip and brought her to the ground. Malitroth attempted a last ditch effort to cast deep slumber, but came up unsuccessful. Shaq and Mo finished the deal. A search of the body revealed a massive soul-stone around the nag’s neck, as well as several sealed bottles housing humanoid faced-wormlings. Sunny confirmed that the bottles contained souls and smashed them, releasing the souls to the outer planes. The other companions could tell that this event had a lasting impact on Sunny’s demeanour. The companions searched the surrounding area and located Belshalam’s treasure trove in the stablemaster’s quarters. Bountiful indeed (check the loot). After stocking up, the group continues to search the stable. The back rooms offered little besides desiccated furniture, however the stairs to the loft featured a large, fire-toting wolf. A tactical disaster left the group running up the stairs to battle the wolf who unleashed a fearsome breath weapon. Shaq and Mo made quick work of the wolf at the top of the stairs, however a second wolf, from the adjoining room, torched the area, leaving Shaquela unconscious and near death. Sunny and Mo quickly came to the rescue, however Shaquela had passed on to the next realm. Zolara’s spirit infused the still-warm body, and Shaq gasped, stabilized but still near death. The group retreated to the stablemaster’s quarters to rest and recuperate.

Just can’t trust anybody these days…
Monday, February 21st, 2011

The group spends a frightful night recouping from the battles of the day before. Re-invigorated, they explore the rest of the floor. The first room opens to a balcony. Shakeela is impelled to drop her sword over the side. Sunny imbibes another fly potion and carries Mo to the roof-top to retrieve Shakeela’s sword. A strange feeling falls over everyone. The companions watch the bell-tower, wary of any further winged threats. Sunny and Mo elevate back to the balcony and everyone makes their back inside. The remaining rooms on the top level are explored. The last room appears inhabited, nets cast on the wall, a veritable cornucopia of items caught in their webbing. Suddenly, a hag announces her presence, and the group engages her in conversation. She, Malitroth, is a caster of souls, and despite her evil intent, the companions find her of use as she is willing to lead the group through the maze of Scarwall in exchange for the souls of the vanquished. The first target, a powerful foe, is making his home in the stables. The group is led back downstairs. Malitroth advises that they must travel through a room full of skeletal minions. The group complies and makes quick work of their foes.

Scythe for a hand
Monday, February 14th, 2011

The companions continued cautiously up the stairs. A long corridor stretched before them. They chose the nearest door and opened it. Two large minotaurs greeted them, a gong between. The group charged into the room to engage the creatures in melee combat. The minotaurs were disposed of, however, the gong was sounded before the finishing blow. The companions readied themselves. Nothing happened. Shakeela smashed the gong again. Nothing happened. Sunny turned invisible so that the tiny stream of pee trickling down his leg would not be seen. Emboldened, the rest of the group continued through the only other door in the small room to find themselves back outdoors, on a bridge leading to a tower. They crossed the expanse to find the door locked. Sunny pushed past, imbuing a fly potion and elevated to a window 30 feet above, continuing into the castle. A scene of torturous delete becomes clear to him, chains dangling from rafters, the roof open to the outside. Just then, wing flaps were heard, and several gargoyles attacked the exposed group. Mo and Perry defend the bridge, while Shakeela tried the door. Sunny, inside the tower, recognized their plight and opened the door from the inside. A scantily clad female dropped from above, ensconced in chains, attacked Shakeela and Sunny. Mo and Perry get the better of their foes on the bridge and make for the tower room. Full out battle ensues, as the dominatrix makes the most of her advantageous position and full control of the dangling chains. Suddenly, sorcery crackles in the room from an unseen foe. The chains are tamed, the dominatrix falls in battle, and the companions are able to finally locate the invisible foe. Perry falls in battle, and Mo is greviously injured. In a fight for their life, Sunny, Mo and Shakeela are able to defeat the invisible demon monstrosity. Perry is revived, and the group takes in the full view of the tower. Torture equipment and various S&M tools abide in the room. As wells as serious loot. This was obviously the abode of a serious foe. The companions make their way back to a safe room where they can recuperate.


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